We focus on providing legal and consulting services to business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Michael S. Brady has years of experience setting up and organizing new businesses, as well as helping them take the necessary steps to reaching profitability. He has represented new enterprises, as well as mature $100 million dollar companies. His clients have included software developers, electronics manufacturers, car dealerships, restaurant owners, and real estate advisory companies, to name just a few. Our services include:

Business Formation and Organization

We focus on helping new and existing business choose and form the proper business entity to protect them from liability and decrease their threat of income tax audit. However, we also believe it is essential to train all business owners in how to respect the formalities that may be required by these organizations, starting with properly holding required owner and officer meetings and formally adopting resolutions and motions.These simple steps, often ignored by business owners, help ensure that the "corporate veil" will be respected and that our clients do not find themselves subjected to unexpected liability.

Additionally, we work with our clients to draft corporate shareholder agreements, limited liability company operating agreements and partnership agreements. These documents set the foundation for how your business will operate and how you and your co-venturers will reach and enact decisions that are crucial to your business. These documents are essential to both limiting and resolving disputes between co-owners and ensure that all parties have their interests and their investments protected.

Business Plan Drafting and Implementation

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