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Michael S. Brady has practiced law for over 14 years, working in both a large law firm and a small boutique corporate transactional practice.  He has also worked as corporate counsel and regional operations manager for a division of a large national title insurance company. Additionally, Mr. Brady has been a business owner for many years and he is not only aware of the legal issues that face business owners, but also the financial challenges and time commitments involved.  He believes that business ownership is the path to a successful and rewarding life and he has dedicated his practice to providing legal and business consulting services to help his clients achieve their personal and professional goals. 


NYLS_LogoMr. Brady is admitted to the New York State Bar.  He earned his J.D. and graduated Cum Laude from New York Law School, where he was a Notes and Comments Editor for The New York Law School Law Review. 

He earned a B.A. in Political Science and graduated from Binghamton University.

Recently, Mr. Brady earned the Certified Exchange Specialist® designation from the Federation of Exchange Accomodators, the national trade association organized to represent professionals who conduct like-kind exchanges under Internal Revenue Code §1031.


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